Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Remains Of The Day

12-05-12 12:05pm

I enjoy coming across what remains after a day of visitors playing on the beach. There is surprisingly little litter. Perhaps a wrapper or drinking container now and then but for the most part the sand is clean of human debris.

Sometimes I find a stray shovel or a flip flop that will most likely require the owner to return and collect it. But mostly I find what is happily left behind.

The sand castles.

They are left after a day of sunning and dipping and digging. You can feel the spirit of the day in these well made piles.

Close your eyes and you can here the laughter and the cries of "oh no" when a big wave comes along before the builder is finished.

Happy little kids (and big kids too) enjoying each others company and creative abilities. Care free and soaking up the sun.

The remnants of a successful day at the beach.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Little Friend

11-28-12 9:28am

There are a lot of things living right outside the back door. Many, in fact maybe most of them, I never see but I hear them ruslting in the bushes.

One thing I have been consistantly seeing the last several nights is a cat. I believe it is ferrel. Very skittish and stealth. I would show a picture of it but it's always in the shadows at night.

But here is a guy that I see many of his kind running around. They usually duck into or under something when I approach but this guy didn't seem care one bit that I was coming. He just gave me this look like "so, you passing me or what"?

Just one more thing to keep an eye out for.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Single Beauty

11-24-12 4:07pm

Sometimes when I'm surrounded by beauty I am startled by the impact of something so simple yet so perfect.

I walk along the shore of this vast body of water. It is breathtaking. The sun glistens and kisses it's surface while the small curl of the waves gently lap on the sand.

The birds plunge their bills onto the the wet sand looking for sustanence and the breeze gently caresses my face and body.

But the thing that draws me in as I'm surrounded by so many of God's creations is one single shell. Simple in shape. Simple in color. Simple in size. Gently wrapped in a single strand of sea weed. Perfectly placed alone to be noticed by those who are paying enough attention.

I'm so glad I was paying attention.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fish Bowl

11-20-12 4:13pm

The Mr and The Mrs have a beautiful home. There will be no pictures posted here because this is their home and not mine. I will keep thier privacy. But I will say this-

It is unusual - in the respect that in every room there is a wall of windows that goes from floor to cieling and corner to corner. The entire wall is glass. (cielings are also 10 feet high)

As I said, this happens in every room so it creats the feeling of living in a fish bowl.

I'm just sayin - it's both wonderful and a bit disturbing at the same time.

PS I think it is facinating that my fear of heights has been 100% gone here. Any other time I have been in a room or building this high with big windows it has been heart pounding terrifying. Certainly a blessing here. Am so curious to see if it is a permanant fix of just for this situation?

Monday, November 19, 2012

So Blessed

11-19-12 7:48am

Life has a way of moving us around. Not that life is it's own entity that moves us, but things present themselves and as a result of the choices we make we are moved through life.

I am blessed.

I am blessed beyond measure with every thing in which I am in need.

Each day here hands me the opportunity to be still, to be introspective, to be creative and to be of service.

I am learning things about myself. Some are enteresting and satisfying. Others give me pause. I have confirmed things that I have felt in my heart to be true and I have realized that some things I fear and that make me sad continue to be so.

I have yet to have any full out epiphony or revelation but there is a lot of whispering going on. I love whispering because it demands I pay close attention if I want to really understand it.

I am blessed.

I am blessed abundantly.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chomping At The Bitt

11-17-12 4:04pm

I know that there are those people who really love Christmas. I love Christmas but I like to start easing into it about mid December. Then I can really dive in with both feet the week before. For me it just makes it more special and I feel it more intensely.

When I was walking the other night I looked up and saw this.

Some one is really chomping at the bit. Two trees in farie lights and a string of colored icicle lights. It's a little hard to catch the mood with the soft warm breeze on my cheeks and the waves gently lapping on the shore.

Sorry, but this is waaaay too early.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Treasure Lost

11-16-12 1:04pm

I mentioned earlier that there is never a shortage of shells for shelling. I lied. Well at the very least I was mistaken. I am learning that the beach changes every day and yes, you can count on there always being shells but sometimes the motherload gets burried.

This was the beautiful pile of shells right at the bottom of the stairs that goes onto the beach outside my back door. It was there for the first week I was here and then Sandy moved in.

She was on the other side of the state and moving north but we still had some effect of her on our side too in the form of wind and waves. Waves that came pushing sand from the gulf all the way into the vegetation along the shore.

Covering up, or sweeping away this treasure trove of beautiful shells and other sea deposits of interest. I keep thinking when I go out that sooner or later there will again be these abundant piles fo loose shells to carefully pick through.

Well it seems to be later rather tnat sooner for in the last two weeks we just have the much smaller scattering of shells throughout the sand. They are all beautiful and I am content to eye them and find the few keepers to bring home, but I can't help but be a bit sad that I took the abundance for granted.

Even here on the beach in the world of shell collecting we must never take the abundant blessings for granted for it can all be swept away tomorrow. And then we must be patient until the abundance returns.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just A Sliver

11-15-12 9:39pm

One of the things i love to see the most as the sun sets and the night moves in is the moon. It travels around the night sky peeking in at the windows. A new face on every night.

Tonight as I walked along the beach it hung in the sky like a fisherman's hook. Just a sliver. A whisper really.

It made me look for the little boy with his fishing pole, foot dangling off the tip of that moon. It escapes me what movie company uses that image but it's one of my favorites. So beautiful I wish I had a poster of it to hang in my room. Softly, gentley joyous.

Good night moon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

People On The Water

11-13-12 10:26am

Everyday there are people on the water. They come and go in whatever mode suits their fancy. The younger, longer haired men seem to perfer the ever so popular paddle board.

The athletic couples and women jump into their kayaks and away they go. These two are out in the bay behind our building.

I imagine people of all ages out for a beautiful sailing experience. I love to see them way out on the horizon. A little triangle poking up.

And then there are the guys who are pickup artists. These two back their pleasure boat right up to the waters edge and pick up passengers. It looked like they were offering rides to passers by and a few took them up on it.

All day long you can spot the fishing boats. Passing eachother as they take hopefulls out for a day of fishing sport. I hope everyone finds the kind of fish their looking for. And gets to real one in.

Looking through the telescope reveals new people movers every time I look. There was one boat that looked like something out of a doomsday movie. All dark with smoke stacks (not spewing any smoke) and a big boxed section almost like a barge but not.

Beautiful big boats I'm sure some of them yachts for the rich and famous. Hmmm, I wonder who might be on them? Ahoy matie, I wouldn't mind a little cruise myself.

Fun times on the water. I love it

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Look In The Water

11-11-12 9:11am

Every morning about 8:00 I go into the kitchen and make myself a cup of Cafix with french vanilla cream. I stand in front of the window facing the beach and the water and just observe. The people walking in the sand. The people walking on the boardwalk. the people out on their paddle boards. The stingrays and dolphins right off shore... Screeeeeech, THE STINGRAYS AND DOLPHINS RIGHT OF SHORE?

I know they are hard to see in this picture. All I have with me is my phone camera. And the only shot that I could get that was clear enough to see at all was of these two guys. But, if you look in the center of the picture you will see two little blobs. Those are stingrays. There were maybe a dozen of them just hangin out in the shallow water right below my window. All the people were completely oblivious to them. Perhaps they couldn't be seen from the shoreline. I don't know.

There was also a guy that goes out every Sunday morning at this time and paddle boards. They were swimming about 10 feet from him and he didn't seem to notice either. Infact when he came into the shore he floated of his back for a few minutes and they came even closer to check him out and the man was still oblivious. Fun for me to watch though.

This little blob is the dolphin. He/she was just beyond where the stingrays were a little further out. Just strolling along, up and down, not in any hurry. Heading up the shoreline. Like it was a lazy Sunday morning for everyone.

Every day I look for signs of sea life and today was the first time I really saw some other than the birds that are always hanging around.

I love the fact that I still get excited to see things that are uncommon in my life. I've seen stingrays and dolphins before, but hardly ever like this. Actually never from the 25th floor.

So here's to excitement. I hope you all have someting exciting happen to you today.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

11-10-12 6:14pm

Tonight the sunset was really stunning. The photo taken with my phone camera just doesn't do it justice but I want to share it with you anyway. The sun was neon red (it looks yellow here but it was more red than the spreading glow) blanketed between upper and lower clouds.

Peace all around and then vibrant center.

Peace and vibrancy to all of you tonight.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Little Paws

11-09-12 4:11pm

My shell theme way of shell picking continues. This time the first shell that caught my attention was quite small. About the size of a dime. What I really love about these shells is they remind me of kitten paws.

Can you see it? Just like a kitten reaching forward in a stretch and spreading it's tiny toes. Little kitten paws. I just love them.

Makes me want to have a kitty of my own but sadly they make my eyes water and itch. And B just can't handle the fur everywhere.

So, I will have to be content with my little collection of shell paws. Meow:)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hang On To Your Hat

11-08-12 9:43am

I go for a walk every evening to clear my head and get a bit of exercise. I try to get out there by 5:30 so I still have enough light to walk along the beach. So last night I walked out the back door, went up the stairs to the boardwalk and was nearly blown down.

Holy cow! The wind was fierce! But what fun. I still headed to the beach. The waves (big for our beach) were crashing and very loud. The wind was roaring in my ears and the soft sand was sinking under my feet. It was more than a bit of exercise.

It was exhilarating really. The sea spray, the sounds, all of it.

Here is me. standing against the wind.

As I walked I noticed something in the water. As I got closer I realized it was a person. There was a man in a wet suit out riding the waves. I spoke to him briefly as I was sitting on a bench and brushing the sand off my feet. He said it was a little rough. I think that was a bit of an underrstatement.

Look closely and you can see his head.

I love to be out in the wind. Talk about clearing the head. It blew every cobweb imaginable out. So now this morning I'm clear as a bell.

I tried to post this last night but my images would not load, so here is a belated picture of last nights sunset. I know you will still enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Watch Where You Step

11-07-12 11:34am

I wasn't able to go for my walk until after dark last night. I had just aproached the the stairs on my way to the boardwalk when something caught my eye.

I'm so glad I noticed it. This snail blended right into the color of the step. The last thing I would have wanted to feel and hear is the crunch, squish that would have ensued had I stepped on it.

Then I noticed something else. On the next step up was his buddy. Trailing behind. "Hey, wait for me"

I love how it looks like this one left a golden egg behind.

There are loads of little creatures that run around at night. I'll introduce them to you on upcoming posts. All I can say is "watch your step" when out walking at night.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down

The Mrs tells me quite often that she loves to watch the rain come in. Today I had the chance to do just that.

It is an entirely different experience seeing rain come in across the water from the 25th floor instead of at ground level. It gives you the feeling of being in the gathering clouds and a part of the atmosphere.

The day started out sunny. And beautiful.

Then about 2:00 in the afternoon the clouds to the north got very dark and the northern end of the beach started disappearing.

Then it moved in and surrounded us with rain. Nothing special or violent. Just a simple rain but with the feeling of being in the middle of it instead of at the bottom of it.

People who live or work in tall buildings get to have this experience all the time and I'm sure it seems silly to some that I would even find this note worthy. But I do. New experiences are good for us no matter how big or how little. A new perspective is a blessing. Thanks for todays small blessing.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mondays Days End 11/05/12

A cloudy day makes for just a hint of light through a thin spot in the clouds. A very whisper of a sunset. At days end.

Cragy Shells

11-05-12 11:39am

I try to take a walk every evening along the beach. As a new commer to beach life I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to bring every beautiful shell home with me. The first day I was out I must have picked up 50 shells. I mean how could I possibly leave any of them behind?

Well I'm learning that every night when I go out for my stroll there are just as many treasures as there were the day before.

So, I've decided to choose my shells by catagory based on the first one to catch my interest.

Today I bring you shells that are cragy...

These are wonders that have become bits and pieces of shells. tossed and eaten away until they are full of pits and holes and broken and beat up. Interesting that these are the first shells to catch my eye. I could get all Freudian but I won't.

Life can be kind of cragy sometimes. We all get a little tossed around and broken. Luckily for us we are human and have the chance to mend and become whole again. Hopefully having learned something and become better.

I hope if I have the chance to become very old that I won't wind up permanantly cragy. I hope I become like one of the smooth shells with beautiful ridges and soft colors. I'll have to look for what I think is the perfect representation over the next while and keep it somewhere so I can see it on a daily basis as a reminder of how I want to be.

But for today I will see the beauty in the cragyness of these shells and enjoy them.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Days End 11/04/12

And so it is at days end

Splish Splash

11-04-12 2:24pm

I'm sitting at the breakfast bar eating my lunch and just observing what's going on down on the beach. It seems to be a normal Sunday afternoon. People sunbathing, swimming and taking a walk. Then I notice a bit of comotion just off shore in the water. At first I think it's some kids playing but then I notice the wings. There are several Pelicans Hopping up and then diving back in the water over and over again. They either found a great lunch spot or they are just having a fun game of hop and splash.

I miss those days sometimes. Being a kid at the beach and hopping and splashing in the water. As adults, most of us become too self concious to do that anymore. Kind of sad really. Although I have to say that when I a in the lake with my grandkids I still run and splash around at times. But not nearly as often as I should. Will have to work on that.

Sunday Morning

11-04-12 8:17am

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting on the beach. The Sandpipers are chirping and running around, back and forth along the waters edge looking for thier breakfast. A Pelican glides low, right above the surface of the water looking for his.

People walk liesurely past me in easy conversation or alone in their own thoughts and the occasional runner comes by for a bit of exercise first thing.

The light breeze is cool and the sum is barely warm. A man with a silver pony tail, bronze body and a came walkes past me and greets me with a smile and a "good morning". It is intentional and not just polite because I'm sitting a good 25 feet from the water where he walks. It makes me smile and warms my heart.

I have only a short time here this morning. The medication dispenser will ring at 9:00 and my day of care will begin, but I take even a few monents to be part of the rising. Watching the birds diving head first into the water for nourishment. Watch the haze left over from an early morning rain start to disipate.

And watch the people start to come alive and breath into a new day.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Change Of View

Never in all my life did I ever think I would be interested in living in a house on a lake. B (my husband) and I always said to each other "I don't really have an interest in lake life". But through a course of unusual events that is exactly where we have landed. In a very comfortable home with a wonderful yard on a beautiful little lake. We do not own a boat so we don't cruise at 6:00 in the evening like many of our neighbors do, but I love to sit and read and write in my lakeside chair. I occasionally float on my blow up lounge chair which I anchor by tieing a large rock to a piece of clothesline rope on one end and tieing it off on the arm of my float on the other end. B likes to feed bread balls to the little Sunnies and Blue Gills in the shallow water at the end of the dock. But what I think we treasure the most is just sitting in our livingroom in front of the large window that takes up the entire front wall, and just enjoy the view.
Now at P5 I have traded my lake view for an ocean view. Well a Gulf view to be exact. I have no chair to sit in down by the water so I just plop down on the soft sand. I dont have a float chair but there is a nice out cropping of rocks up the shore that is a perfect perch. The neighbors don't cruise on their pontoon boats but there are fishing boats that go by every day. And the fish are much larger here than at home. And once again it is breath taking to look out the window from many of the rooms here and see the vastness of the water, stretching until it meets the horizon. My change of view.

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Turn Of Events

My time here at P5 is undetermined. I am here to care for a special lady who is winding down a long lived life. This lifts the burden from the shoulders of her husband who is dealing with his own affects of age. It is a priviledge to be here and offer support and love.
It is a completely new experience for me to be away from home and family. When I was young I moved from the home of my parents straight into a home with my husband. I have never in all my life lived on my own and so now at the age of 52 (next week) I have spread my wings and left the nest. The beauty and comfort is that I know my nest is secure and waiting for my return. Also with the wonders of technology I can not only talk to people but I can see them when I talk to them.
I have a gift in my surroundings. This home is beyond words in what surrounds me here. Beauty and intrest are everywhere inside these walls. And we sit among the clouds overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.
The picture i've used as my backdrop is taken from where I sit to write this post. What a blessing to walk along the white sand beach every evening and get lost in my thoughts. My hope is to share many of these thoughts and insights here. Anyone is welcome to come along with me. I hope the images are beautiful and my thoughts worth reading. Enjoy