Sunday, November 11, 2012

Look In The Water

11-11-12 9:11am

Every morning about 8:00 I go into the kitchen and make myself a cup of Cafix with french vanilla cream. I stand in front of the window facing the beach and the water and just observe. The people walking in the sand. The people walking on the boardwalk. the people out on their paddle boards. The stingrays and dolphins right off shore... Screeeeeech, THE STINGRAYS AND DOLPHINS RIGHT OF SHORE?

I know they are hard to see in this picture. All I have with me is my phone camera. And the only shot that I could get that was clear enough to see at all was of these two guys. But, if you look in the center of the picture you will see two little blobs. Those are stingrays. There were maybe a dozen of them just hangin out in the shallow water right below my window. All the people were completely oblivious to them. Perhaps they couldn't be seen from the shoreline. I don't know.

There was also a guy that goes out every Sunday morning at this time and paddle boards. They were swimming about 10 feet from him and he didn't seem to notice either. Infact when he came into the shore he floated of his back for a few minutes and they came even closer to check him out and the man was still oblivious. Fun for me to watch though.

This little blob is the dolphin. He/she was just beyond where the stingrays were a little further out. Just strolling along, up and down, not in any hurry. Heading up the shoreline. Like it was a lazy Sunday morning for everyone.

Every day I look for signs of sea life and today was the first time I really saw some other than the birds that are always hanging around.

I love the fact that I still get excited to see things that are uncommon in my life. I've seen stingrays and dolphins before, but hardly ever like this. Actually never from the 25th floor.

So here's to excitement. I hope you all have someting exciting happen to you today.

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