Monday, November 5, 2012

Cragy Shells

11-05-12 11:39am

I try to take a walk every evening along the beach. As a new commer to beach life I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to bring every beautiful shell home with me. The first day I was out I must have picked up 50 shells. I mean how could I possibly leave any of them behind?

Well I'm learning that every night when I go out for my stroll there are just as many treasures as there were the day before.

So, I've decided to choose my shells by catagory based on the first one to catch my interest.

Today I bring you shells that are cragy...

These are wonders that have become bits and pieces of shells. tossed and eaten away until they are full of pits and holes and broken and beat up. Interesting that these are the first shells to catch my eye. I could get all Freudian but I won't.

Life can be kind of cragy sometimes. We all get a little tossed around and broken. Luckily for us we are human and have the chance to mend and become whole again. Hopefully having learned something and become better.

I hope if I have the chance to become very old that I won't wind up permanantly cragy. I hope I become like one of the smooth shells with beautiful ridges and soft colors. I'll have to look for what I think is the perfect representation over the next while and keep it somewhere so I can see it on a daily basis as a reminder of how I want to be.

But for today I will see the beauty in the cragyness of these shells and enjoy them.

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