Sunday, November 4, 2012

Splish Splash

11-04-12 2:24pm

I'm sitting at the breakfast bar eating my lunch and just observing what's going on down on the beach. It seems to be a normal Sunday afternoon. People sunbathing, swimming and taking a walk. Then I notice a bit of comotion just off shore in the water. At first I think it's some kids playing but then I notice the wings. There are several Pelicans Hopping up and then diving back in the water over and over again. They either found a great lunch spot or they are just having a fun game of hop and splash.

I miss those days sometimes. Being a kid at the beach and hopping and splashing in the water. As adults, most of us become too self concious to do that anymore. Kind of sad really. Although I have to say that when I a in the lake with my grandkids I still run and splash around at times. But not nearly as often as I should. Will have to work on that.

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