Friday, November 16, 2012

Treasure Lost

11-16-12 1:04pm

I mentioned earlier that there is never a shortage of shells for shelling. I lied. Well at the very least I was mistaken. I am learning that the beach changes every day and yes, you can count on there always being shells but sometimes the motherload gets burried.

This was the beautiful pile of shells right at the bottom of the stairs that goes onto the beach outside my back door. It was there for the first week I was here and then Sandy moved in.

She was on the other side of the state and moving north but we still had some effect of her on our side too in the form of wind and waves. Waves that came pushing sand from the gulf all the way into the vegetation along the shore.

Covering up, or sweeping away this treasure trove of beautiful shells and other sea deposits of interest. I keep thinking when I go out that sooner or later there will again be these abundant piles fo loose shells to carefully pick through.

Well it seems to be later rather tnat sooner for in the last two weeks we just have the much smaller scattering of shells throughout the sand. They are all beautiful and I am content to eye them and find the few keepers to bring home, but I can't help but be a bit sad that I took the abundance for granted.

Even here on the beach in the world of shell collecting we must never take the abundant blessings for granted for it can all be swept away tomorrow. And then we must be patient until the abundance returns.

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