Friday, November 2, 2012

A Turn Of Events

My time here at P5 is undetermined. I am here to care for a special lady who is winding down a long lived life. This lifts the burden from the shoulders of her husband who is dealing with his own affects of age. It is a priviledge to be here and offer support and love.
It is a completely new experience for me to be away from home and family. When I was young I moved from the home of my parents straight into a home with my husband. I have never in all my life lived on my own and so now at the age of 52 (next week) I have spread my wings and left the nest. The beauty and comfort is that I know my nest is secure and waiting for my return. Also with the wonders of technology I can not only talk to people but I can see them when I talk to them.
I have a gift in my surroundings. This home is beyond words in what surrounds me here. Beauty and intrest are everywhere inside these walls. And we sit among the clouds overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.
The picture i've used as my backdrop is taken from where I sit to write this post. What a blessing to walk along the white sand beach every evening and get lost in my thoughts. My hope is to share many of these thoughts and insights here. Anyone is welcome to come along with me. I hope the images are beautiful and my thoughts worth reading. Enjoy

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