Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Change Of View

Never in all my life did I ever think I would be interested in living in a house on a lake. B (my husband) and I always said to each other "I don't really have an interest in lake life". But through a course of unusual events that is exactly where we have landed. In a very comfortable home with a wonderful yard on a beautiful little lake. We do not own a boat so we don't cruise at 6:00 in the evening like many of our neighbors do, but I love to sit and read and write in my lakeside chair. I occasionally float on my blow up lounge chair which I anchor by tieing a large rock to a piece of clothesline rope on one end and tieing it off on the arm of my float on the other end. B likes to feed bread balls to the little Sunnies and Blue Gills in the shallow water at the end of the dock. But what I think we treasure the most is just sitting in our livingroom in front of the large window that takes up the entire front wall, and just enjoy the view.
Now at P5 I have traded my lake view for an ocean view. Well a Gulf view to be exact. I have no chair to sit in down by the water so I just plop down on the soft sand. I dont have a float chair but there is a nice out cropping of rocks up the shore that is a perfect perch. The neighbors don't cruise on their pontoon boats but there are fishing boats that go by every day. And the fish are much larger here than at home. And once again it is breath taking to look out the window from many of the rooms here and see the vastness of the water, stretching until it meets the horizon. My change of view.

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