Tuesday, November 13, 2012

People On The Water

11-13-12 10:26am

Everyday there are people on the water. They come and go in whatever mode suits their fancy. The younger, longer haired men seem to perfer the ever so popular paddle board.

The athletic couples and women jump into their kayaks and away they go. These two are out in the bay behind our building.

I imagine people of all ages out for a beautiful sailing experience. I love to see them way out on the horizon. A little triangle poking up.

And then there are the guys who are pickup artists. These two back their pleasure boat right up to the waters edge and pick up passengers. It looked like they were offering rides to passers by and a few took them up on it.

All day long you can spot the fishing boats. Passing eachother as they take hopefulls out for a day of fishing sport. I hope everyone finds the kind of fish their looking for. And gets to real one in.

Looking through the telescope reveals new people movers every time I look. There was one boat that looked like something out of a doomsday movie. All dark with smoke stacks (not spewing any smoke) and a big boxed section almost like a barge but not.

Beautiful big boats I'm sure some of them yachts for the rich and famous. Hmmm, I wonder who might be on them? Ahoy matie, I wouldn't mind a little cruise myself.

Fun times on the water. I love it

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