Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Watch Where You Step

11-07-12 11:34am

I wasn't able to go for my walk until after dark last night. I had just aproached the the stairs on my way to the boardwalk when something caught my eye.

I'm so glad I noticed it. This snail blended right into the color of the step. The last thing I would have wanted to feel and hear is the crunch, squish that would have ensued had I stepped on it.

Then I noticed something else. On the next step up was his buddy. Trailing behind. "Hey, wait for me"

I love how it looks like this one left a golden egg behind.

There are loads of little creatures that run around at night. I'll introduce them to you on upcoming posts. All I can say is "watch your step" when out walking at night.


  1. Grace, I enjoyed reading your blog. It is poignant and sweet and concise. Keep it up. Know that you are missed. I'm trying to keep B out of trouble. Bob

  2. Bob, so nice of you to stop by. There are plenty of things to mention around here.