Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Morning

11-04-12 8:17am

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting on the beach. The Sandpipers are chirping and running around, back and forth along the waters edge looking for thier breakfast. A Pelican glides low, right above the surface of the water looking for his.

People walk liesurely past me in easy conversation or alone in their own thoughts and the occasional runner comes by for a bit of exercise first thing.

The light breeze is cool and the sum is barely warm. A man with a silver pony tail, bronze body and a came walkes past me and greets me with a smile and a "good morning". It is intentional and not just polite because I'm sitting a good 25 feet from the water where he walks. It makes me smile and warms my heart.

I have only a short time here this morning. The medication dispenser will ring at 9:00 and my day of care will begin, but I take even a few monents to be part of the rising. Watching the birds diving head first into the water for nourishment. Watch the haze left over from an early morning rain start to disipate.

And watch the people start to come alive and breath into a new day.

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