Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hang On To Your Hat

11-08-12 9:43am

I go for a walk every evening to clear my head and get a bit of exercise. I try to get out there by 5:30 so I still have enough light to walk along the beach. So last night I walked out the back door, went up the stairs to the boardwalk and was nearly blown down.

Holy cow! The wind was fierce! But what fun. I still headed to the beach. The waves (big for our beach) were crashing and very loud. The wind was roaring in my ears and the soft sand was sinking under my feet. It was more than a bit of exercise.

It was exhilarating really. The sea spray, the sounds, all of it.

Here is me. standing against the wind.

As I walked I noticed something in the water. As I got closer I realized it was a person. There was a man in a wet suit out riding the waves. I spoke to him briefly as I was sitting on a bench and brushing the sand off my feet. He said it was a little rough. I think that was a bit of an underrstatement.

Look closely and you can see his head.

I love to be out in the wind. Talk about clearing the head. It blew every cobweb imaginable out. So now this morning I'm clear as a bell.

I tried to post this last night but my images would not load, so here is a belated picture of last nights sunset. I know you will still enjoy it.

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