Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fish Bowl

11-20-12 4:13pm

The Mr and The Mrs have a beautiful home. There will be no pictures posted here because this is their home and not mine. I will keep thier privacy. But I will say this-

It is unusual - in the respect that in every room there is a wall of windows that goes from floor to cieling and corner to corner. The entire wall is glass. (cielings are also 10 feet high)

As I said, this happens in every room so it creats the feeling of living in a fish bowl.

I'm just sayin - it's both wonderful and a bit disturbing at the same time.

PS I think it is facinating that my fear of heights has been 100% gone here. Any other time I have been in a room or building this high with big windows it has been heart pounding terrifying. Certainly a blessing here. Am so curious to see if it is a permanant fix of just for this situation?

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