Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Remains Of The Day

12-05-12 12:05pm

I enjoy coming across what remains after a day of visitors playing on the beach. There is surprisingly little litter. Perhaps a wrapper or drinking container now and then but for the most part the sand is clean of human debris.

Sometimes I find a stray shovel or a flip flop that will most likely require the owner to return and collect it. But mostly I find what is happily left behind.

The sand castles.

They are left after a day of sunning and dipping and digging. You can feel the spirit of the day in these well made piles.

Close your eyes and you can here the laughter and the cries of "oh no" when a big wave comes along before the builder is finished.

Happy little kids (and big kids too) enjoying each others company and creative abilities. Care free and soaking up the sun.

The remnants of a successful day at the beach.

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